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Chris Hodgson(non-registered)
Hi Peter
found you via your previous site, "The Apprentices" photo, in which I feature! Did you take that photo, of which I have a copy somewhere. I did leave a comment on the page.
Cheers Chris
Mary Palmer (bamboomary)(non-registered)
I saw that you had moved to this sight and I was wondering how you like it? Did the transition go smoothly? That other photo-sharing site which shall remain nameless has been impossible to deal with and I have pretty much been doing facebook. It is free and easy. I do like the looks of this site though.
John Dinnen(non-registered)
I really enjoyed your photos on this and the other site! You were too modest in the introduction on the other site- I haven't checked on this one.
Emma Clark(non-registered)
Thanks Peter, love the photos,
Em :-)
Love your pictures.
Best wishes!
Peter Clark
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