Peter Clark: Blog en-us (C) Peter Clark (Peter Clark) Thu, 25 Jul 2013 08:13:00 GMT Thu, 25 Jul 2013 08:13:00 GMT Peter Clark: Blog 120 119 Silver Cloud I'm not a poet, not even a writer of any kind, I seriously lack the formal education needed for that kind of thing.

Having said that, on my first visit to the English Lake District that involved walking the high ridges, I was so impressed, so completely taken with the quiet beauty of the mountains, lakes, valleys and villages, that I sat one evening and wrote this.

Well, actually I didn't just write it in an evening but I drafted it and then re-wrote it time and again over about three weeks before I'd got rid of all the bad spelling - no idea about the grammar though even now.


Silver Cloud

The silver cloud of morning moving quietly from the east
lays itself so gently, over fell and fern and beast.

Early, oh so early, when the dawn is still just forming,
the land laid out for all to see, with silver mist adorning.

Drifting soft across the surface of the beck and lake and tarn,
it moves along the valley, over village, over farm.

Harrison and Stickle at the valley head stand proud,
granite faces stark, unmoving, peaks brushed soft with cloud.

Loughrigg ferns and Lingmore trees, the bracken on Dow Bank,
all now gently moving with the wind along their flank.

Dark clouds soon will gather in the valley from the west
and rain will bathe it all; fell and crag and crest.

When night at last enfolds the land,
and sheep beneath their awning stand,
all will await - both land and Man –
the Silver Cloud of Morning.


                                                                                      Peter Clark. 1986



The Lake District in Cumbria, in late autumn …..

Harrison & Stickle are two peaks at the head of the Langdale Valley, Harrison standing at 2,400 ft. and Pike-O-Stickle, to give it's full name, is about 2,000ft.
Lingmore is a fell on the south side of the Langdale valley; famous for its unique small tree-like ferns.
Loughrigg is a small fell between Ambleside and Grassmere, heavy with fern and bracken.
A Tarn is a small natural lake formed by a depression left behind when the glaciers retreated.
Beck is the Norse word for stream.

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Googleman Googleman - a poem by Carolyn Eddy

man is stupid.
man is filled with beer.
man is a uniquely designed training dummy
checking for a flash plugin.

man is dangerous.

man is unique among all other creatures on earth.
man is divine.
man is 9/11 hero.
man is a painter,
an island,
a puzzle.

man is true?
man is revealed as fake.
man is just an illusion.

man is looking for woman.
man is never defeated until he gives up.
man is a damn fool for at least five minutes every day.

man is old.

© Carolyn Eddy 2006


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Islam and racisism Someone just sent me an email which was one of those tirades against Moslems and it started me thinking . . .

There is a definition of fascism which reads . . .
"All fascist movements emphasize a belligerent and virulent form of nationalism along with a fear of foreign people . . ."

Hitler used this fact when his fascist Nazi regime stirred the whole German nation into a hatred of all Gypsies, Jews, Negroes and mentally ill people – and they killed millions of them.

Right-wing Nationalist movements all have fascist beliefs and their members put stuff onto the internet with the specific intention of frightening you and me.

We have to be careful if we decide to listen to the views stated by these emails. If we do we walk a fine line and if we step over that fine line, we step into Fascism.

The problem isn’t as simple as Nationalist organisations would have us believe.

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